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Little but about me…….

Starting at age 5 I was always determined to make my mark on the world, even if that was seeing a bug and telling my dad not to kill it. I always had this spark to be the best, this spark as I got older I realized was my everlasting determination. I’ve always had a drive to be different and just be my own person. Starting my business at the start of a global pandemic was completely accidental. But my motive came from passion so I was confident in the stability and progression of my brand. And there's a saying that there is more to life than money. I say this to say, money wasn't necessarily my motive in creating Aurä Essentials. My motive was to create something that can allow me to inform and empower. 

Through my brand and my overall lifestyle in general I am completely motivated to inspire and open peoples minds to new things. Everyone is beautiful and I believe that embracing your NATURAL  self, and your NATURAL beauty will build you up more than artificial beauty will. Coming from humble beginnings has given me this pride to help people be better humans, and heal themselves in a natural way that is not harmful to their Body’s, Mind’s, or Soul’s 

My 3 Areas of Self Love REDEFINED 


 I'm passionate about health and beauty because I feel they are very strongly connected. I've had a long battle with my mental health and my ability to understand the complex world that we live in. Being black in America is a hard thing because society always finds a way of bringing us down. Whether it's through defunding programs in our communities, budget cuts for schools in our neighborhoods, increasing the achievement gap in wealthier states, gentrification, promoting the majority over the minority in sales pitches, advertisements, and general media, colorism, and jobs. Keeping a strong mind is almost necessary. For me it was something I lacked for a long time. I used to be weak, my mind was weak and that allowed my actions and my overall decision making to be weak. My courage and my determination to be somebody that will make a mark on this world was what strengthened my mind to a capacity of no longer allowing the content of the world to define me, shape me, or  Control me. I want all people to know that they have the power and competency to control their lives and be free spirited. 


I feel as though beauty and society's view of what beauty is very corrupt. As a very confident black woman, I've found my confidence through loving my natural self. My skin, my hair, my body, everything. I created Aura Essentials to give all women and men empowerment. Loving yourself truly starts with accepting every flaw and not trying to change yourself or conform to society's standards. Beauty comes from within, and the way you look naturally is what you have to love first. I push confidence and wellness. Your body is something you will forever live inside of. So why change it, why not embrace it. Being confident in the skin that you are in, is so powerful because you can not only build yourself up and live a more pleasing life, but you can also show other people that it's okay to look the way you do, and it's actually beautiful. The world has so many different combinations of people of all shapes and sizes, so it's time that beauty be redefined. 


Your soul to me is your true being. Who you really are down to the core. I try to live a lifestyle according to my soul. In order to fulfill peace and satisfaction you must not only connect the mind to the body but also to the soul. Happiness comes from within. Since happiness is not only an emotional state but a way of life, your lifestyle must consist of things that bring you joy and make you happy. My goal in life is to feel fulfilled. Fulfilled in every area of my life. Whatever my interests and goals are, I want to be virtuous. Aristotle mentioned that learning what virtue is, is a matter of habit and training yourself and your mind properly. You can only become courageous by  training yourself to become courageous. “The virtues arise in us neither by nature nor against nature. Rather, we are by nature able to acquire them, and we are completed through habit.” (Book II)(The Internet Classics Archive: Nicomachean Ethics by Aristotle)  meaning you can only acquire what you condition yourself to acquire. Consistency is something that soothes my soul and to practice keeping a consistent lifestyle I set a routine for everyday. Which consist of scheduled wake up, and rest times, daily workout routine, prayer, and some type of productive task or activity, and i make sure i take time out of everyday to do something that will contribute to my happiness, whether it's going on a walk, or painting, or even getting my nails done. Being sure to always make time for your personal healing is very important and makes a huge difference in your life, and fulfillment. 

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